The Classic Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan Sweater Provides a Stylish Way to Keep Warm

When you compare the cardigan style sweater and pull-over, you can more succinctly define the cardigan fashion. While a pull-over sweater is worn by being pulled over the head, the cardigan style is open in front and is designed, in the current fashion, with or without buttons.

Today’s Cardigan Sweater

In fact, the cardigan sweater is a versatile garment as it can be made in one of a variety of looks. The traditional sweater has evolved from a wool-made jacket worn by men, especially North Atlantic fishermen, to a fashionable outer covering that may be made from various warm-friendly materials.

A Fun and Practical Fashionable Knit Jacket

Cardigans today are featured in the form of a three-quarter sleeve cardigan sweater, a sweater with a V-neck design, a scoop-necked cardigan or a cardigan with a short or long-sleeved design. The sweater can also be accented with lace, embroidery or cable stitching. To find the personalize the cardigan sweater, you might even try adding your own special buttons. Include antique buttons on your sweater or upgrade the outer knit jacket by including your own beading or stitchery.

A Stylish Way to Keep Warm

One of the famous people nowadays that has popularized the cardigan, whether it is the three-quarter sleeve cardigan sweater to Know More Click Here, the short-sleeve cardigan or the cardigan that is featured in a longer or shorter length, is beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama. In fact, her wax figure that is on display at Madame Tussauds in the nation’s capital features the apparel.

The Origin of the Name

The cardigan, which is usually machine-knitted or hand-knitted, is a term that originated from the hierarchical title of James Brudenell, who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan. Also, a Major in Britain’s Army, Brudenell is best known for leading the Charge of the Light Brigade, which took place during the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War.

The sweater is fashioned after the Army waistcoat, made of knitted wool and worn by soldiers at the time. If it wasn’t for the “charge” and for the legendary accounts of the event, the sweater might not have gained the acclaim that it has today as a fashionable way to keep warm.

A Fashion Statement of the ‘20s

At one point, during the evolving transformation of the garment, the Cardigan only referenced a sleeveless vest that was worn in place of a vest coat by men. It gained popularity during the “Roaring ‘20s” and supplanted the waistcoat as a less formalized version of the design.

An Adaptable Piece of Clothing

Today, the garment is worn by adults, kids and even pets. Because of the various cardigan styles, the garment can be displayed in one of a number of ways. Whether the sweater is long, short or cropped or features snaps or buttons, its traditional-based styling and warm and friendly attributes cannot be overlooked.

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