Warning Signs Your Dog Needs Medical Attention Through the Vets in Honolulu

When you get a dog, they quickly become a big part of your family. You worry about them like a child and want to make sure they are healthy and strong. Unfortunately, dogs cannot speak and tell you when something is wrong with their health. This is why it is important you understand the signs to look for, so you will know when you need to take your dog for treatment through the Vets Honolulu.

*   Monitoring your dog’s diet is crucial for good health. His diet can give you many clues when something is not right with his health. Though it is normal for a dog to eat less at certain periods, especially in the hot summer months, food should never be totally avoided. If your dog goes more than a day or two without eating, this means something is going on in his body. The Vets Honolulu can find the cause of the decreased appetite, so it can be properly treated.

*   If your dog seems to be drinking water more than normal or is urinating more often, this could be a sign of problems. Diabetes and kidney disease may cause your dog to have excessive thirst. Both of these conditions can be tested for, through the Vets Honolulu.

*   Another sign of health concerns can be found in your dog’s coat. A dog’s fur should be shiny and smooth. If your dog’s coat suddenly becomes rough, dull or is falling out, he needs to be checked. This could be a sign of the wrong food being given or a skin allergy. Your vet can find the cause.

*   When your dog seems to lay around more than usual and no longer is interested in play, this could be a sign there are health concerns present. If you see your dog being lethargic for more than a couple of days, you need to have him checked with the Vets Honolulu.

By looking for these signs, you can know when you need to contact the vet about your dog’s health. Through the care provided by the Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai Pet Hospital, you can be assured your pet’s health will be closely cared for.

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