Eye Exams in St. Paul, MN: Reasons that Your Contacts Might be Blurry

Contacts have been around for quite a while now but they have certainly improved from the olden days. Although contacts have improved over the last few years, there are some people who have reactions to them and end up with blurry eyes. Eye Exams in St Paul MN can help you to determine if there is a problem with your eyes, but below you will find some common reasons that contacts can make your eyes blurry.

Dry Eyes

One of the most common side effects of wearing contacts is dry eyes. Some people even have a medical condition that causes their eyes to dry out when they have in their contacts resulting in their contacts becoming extremely blurry. You should carry a bottle of eye drops with you at all times, but make sure that they are drops that are safe to use on contacts so that you do not ruin the contacts or end up hurting your eyes. It is best to consult your doctor before you use any type of eye drops with contacts to see what he recommends.

Scratched Lens on the Contacts

If you notice that only one eye is blurry, you need to take the contacts out and check for a scratch on the lens. It could be that it happened when the contacts were shipped or if you have had them for a while, you could have easily scratched one with a fingernail when you were taking the contacts in or out.

You should throw away the contacts right away, as long as you are using disposable ones, and start with a new pair. A scratch on the lens will make your eyesight blurry and can eventually do damage to your eyes. If you are still having problems you will want to make an appointment for eye exams in St Paul MN.

These are just a couple of reasons that your contacts could be blurring your vision. If you find that these remedies do not help the problem, you will want to consult the professionals right away to find out what the problem could be.

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