Unconditional Love can be shared with everyone

God’s love is unconditional. He does not judge you when you make mistakes or abandon you when you feel lost. The sad thing is that many people do not understand this and will often feel God has forsaken them when things seem to be going wrong. It is actually your faith that is faltering when faced with hardship, not God’s love. Unconditional love is something that not only God shares with us his children. You can also choose to give unconditional love to all those in your life. It takes patience and practice to learn how to share unconditional love with everyone you meet.

Practicing Love

Love can be shared with everyone in your life and can be used to protect you from evil. Love gives you strength as it takes courage to love strangers or those who are unkind to us. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek and this can be used to practice loving thy neighbour. Not allowing your self to be drawn into conflict is another way to practice love. Helping those in need through charity teaches us tolerance and the importance of lending a helping hand. Each act you make on behalf of love is God working miracles through your actions.

Remembering Jesus’ Sacrifice

Whenever you find yourself feeling negative feelings towards others it is important to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. You can use this to remind you of the importance of love. For every person you touch with your love and kindness you are reaching out the hand of God. There are many people in the world today who are living lives that are lonely. People may feel isolated and frightened by the world around them. Your love is the one thing that might give them hope and faith. This is how God wishes us to spread his word and bring more people into his flock. The more people learn to share unconditional love with everyone they meet the better and happier the world will become. If you want to live closer to God and learn more about living with love in your heart a Free Prophecy Online can offer guidance. Your personal prophecy will show you the life God wishes you to live using your strengths and talents to succeed and live in harmony.

A Free prophecy online can provide you with the insight and inspiration you need to learn to share love unconditionally.

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