Some Popular Pistols in Louisville KY for CCDW Holders Today

Even more Kentuckians today than in the past are interested in owning and carrying handguns for self- defense. While doing so always involves a great deal of real responsibility, many residents feel that the security that comes with being armed is worth this additional burden. Acquiring the CCDW license necessary to legally carry a handgun in concealed fashion is a straightforward process that few will have difficulty following through upon. Thanks to the wide variety of Pistols in Louisville KY available from sources like Knob Creek Gun Range, finding a weapon that will suit a given person’s goals well will never be difficult, either.

Of course, becoming clear about those goals from the beginning will always help. Some people who wish to conceal and carry a handgun, for example, do not initially appreciate the level of inconvenience that can result. With a full-sized pistol that was originally designed mostly for use by law enforcement or military members, for example, concealing the weapon in safe, comfortable fashion can be challenging.

While a .45 or 9mm pistol might seem like an attractive option in general, then, such a typically substantial weapon can turn out to be less appealing in practice when it comes to concealed carry. Many buyers of Pistols in Louisville KY today who intend to carry them in this fashion, therefore, gravitate instead toward firearms that are designed more for this purpose.

In some cases, a revolver of an appropriate caliber and layout will be a good choice. There are various snub-nosed revolvers on the market, for example, which are both highly reliable and relatively easy to conceal. With barrel lengths of under two inches being fairly common, many of these weapons can easily fit even into cramped spaces in purses and the like while being securely holstered.

Another popular family of options for CCDW holders today comprises the many pistols on the market now that are based on the .380 ACP round. While still being powerful enough to provide peace of mind in self-defense scenarios, pistols of this class are typically extremely compact. Particularly among those who prefer to carry inside the waistband and in other tight spaces, .380 ACP pistols have become some of the most popular of all.

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