Have You Considered What Your Paper Is Saying About Your Orange County Business?

How customers and consumers see business is based on a range of different things. This is no different than how your suppliers, vendors, contractors and customers see your business as well.

Part of this overall branding and marketing has to do with how an Orange County business markets their business in social media, traditional marketing options as well as how they stack up to the competition. These are all obvious and central components to creating a corporate identity and brand.

A more subtle issue can be in the basics. For example, the type of paper you use to send a notice, a flyer, an invoice or an invitation. The feel and look of the item that comes through the mail can send a message. As this is a tactile and tangible message, it is often more important than the marketing memes and advertisements that are sent a dozen times a day.

Quality Matters

There is a general use paper, and then there is stationery that is elegant, sophisticated and special. To connect with a top vendor or customers, choosing the top quality of paper that has a texture, look and feel that is different than traditional photocopier stationery really does make a difference.

Tactile memory or the ability to sense differences in the “feel” of an object is part of the way that we assimilate information. Feeling a quality paper with a linen texture or a subtle color variation creates an impression of the sender, which can help make your company stand out from the competition.

Using top quality paper also tells your customers and suppliers that they are important. While it may be subtle, it is not something that should be overlooked as a way to make your Orange County company stand out from the crowd.

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