Signs It’s Time For A New Fall Protection Harness

Anyone working in a job where fall protection systems mandatory on the job will have his or her favorite fall protection harness. Often these harnesses are older and have been around for years, with exposure to UV rays, high heat, chemicals and even natural wear and tear.

The reality is that most workers will never have to use their fall protection systems. While that is a very good thing, it does lead to a real problem. Often workers fail to consider that they may need to trust their lives to these devices, so they don’t look for signs that there may be potential problems if they do slip or fall and need to rely on their fall protection harness, the connecting device, and the anchor system.

As a precaution, here are three common signs that workers should check for on a regular basis to let them know they need a new fall protection harness.

Harness Wear

Even if the body harness is never used to protect the worker from a fall, it is still subject to wear and tear. The harness connectors can become loose, the webbing and straps can fray, and the materials can deteriorate over time. Exposure to moisture, humidity, UV rays and even being left in the direct sun on hot rooftops or construction sites can all lead to the natural breakdown of the materials.

Problems Using Current Harness with Other Equipment

Some workers may have older fall protection harness models and designs. While these may have been approved years ago, they are no longer safe with current connecting systems or to the standards required by OSHA today.

When the harness in use no longer is within the current regulations or if it is not compatible without modification with the other fall protection system components, it needs to be replaced.

The cost of a fall protection system is not expensive considered the possible results of a failing harness. It is best to update if there is any concern about the quality and performance of the harness to provide the user with a safe personal fall protection system.

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