The Importance of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an integral part of early childhood education, sometimes considered a bridge between preschool and first grade but other times considered akin to first grade itself. While the benefits of kindergarten include providing children with a social and cognitive foundation for their education, in Andover it is important to be aware of the different types of kindergarten because not all schools approach education in the same way. In New Jersey, with the wealth of public and private school options available, it really helps to understand the benefits of different types of kindergarten.

Kindergarten enhances social skills in early childhood, at a critical time in the development of the young person. Early childhood educators in New Jersey should ideally create a learning environment conducive to social learning. In New Jersey there are different types of kindergarten classrooms, each of which approaches early childhood education differently. Montessori schools offer children an egalitarian learning environment in which children work together not just with their same-age peers but also with older and younger children, which may not be possible in a traditional kindergarten environment.

Whether Montessori or not, kindergarten provides young children with the opportunity to try new things and encounter new learning opportunities to develop sensory and motor skills refinement, verbal skills, and math skills too. Creative expression should also be integral to the kindergarten experience, which might include some early academic preparation but generally focuses more on emotional, cognitive, and social learning than on specific skill emergence. Finally, parents in Andover New Jersey have the chance to choose kindergarten schedules that work for them. Some kindergarten programs are designed for parents who work all day whereas others are part time programs that allow parents to supplement their children’s education at home.