What Is the Best Handgun for Women to Carry in Their Purse?

When it comes to designing the best handgun for women, many gun manufacturers fall short.

There are a few characteristics to consider such as it must comfortably fit in a woman’s hands so she can hold it with a proper gun grip. If it doesn’t, the handgun will have noticeably higher recoil, making it a less proficient weapon to use.

Smaller handguns are also more comfortable for women to carry and conceal in their purse, and quicker to draw out when necessary.

These four self-defense handguns embody all the characteristics of a women-friendly handgun:

1. Ruger EC9s

The first handgun on our list is the Ruger EC9s. If you are looking for a concealed carry pistol on a tight budget the double-action EC9s trigger is slim and compact. It is designed to be both safe and easy to pull regardless of finger strength and includes a 7-round magazine and finger grip extension floorplate.

2. Glock 93

The Glock 43 is a slimline subcompact 9mm handgun and is one of the smallest handguns ever produced by Glock.
It is ultra-concealable, accurate, and fits snuggly in most women hands regardless of palm size. The Glock 43 is also lightweight, thanks to its polymer frame.

While the handgun can only hold 6 rounds in its magazine, the Glock 43 is still a praiseworthy entry as the best self-defense handguns for women because it combines the legendary reliability that Glocks are known for inside such a small package.

3. Kahr Arms CM9

Featuring a shorter barrel and a no-frills design, the CM9 retains the winning features of its predecessor, without sacrificing any reliability and accuracy. It’s a thin handgun with a simple design making it ideal for small hands and for concealing in a purse. And with a sub $400 price tag, the CM9 is arguably the best handgun for women or those looking for cheap handguns.

4. SIG Sauer P938 Ambidextrous

If you are a fan of the classic 1911 pistol for self-defense yet want a smaller pistol with similar qualities that are ideal for carrying in your purse, then the SIG Sauer P938 might be the right choice.

The SIG Sauer P938 is a compact pistol chambered 9mm modeled on a 1911 frame. Due to its all steel frame, it is slightly heftier than similarly sized polymer framed handguns.

The P938 features ambidextrous controls, which means both left and right-handed women can wield this handgun easily.

Experimentation is key

All women who are interested in buying a handgun for self-defense should try out as many handguns as they can before they settle on one.

Check the handgun’s grip, and see how well it fits in your hand. Make sure you are comfortable with the weight, especially if you are carrying it around in your purse for an entire day.

Experiment with the trigger pull and the safety mechanism. Squeeze off a few rounds at the range and compare how each gun reacts when they are fired.

When it comes to buying handguns, every person has different needs. Moreover, not all handguns for women are designed equally. What works for others might not work for you.

Finally, check with your local law enforcement agency that the handgun and ammunition you carry are legal in the city or state where you reside.

Some states and jurisdictions have stringent laws about handguns, the types of ammunition for civilian use, and magazine capacity. You don’t want to inadvertently end up on the wrong side of the law just for carrying a handgun for self-defense.

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