Some Common Reasons For Window Glass Repair In Downers Grove

Windows serve more than an aesthetic function in the architectural design of your home. They also bring light and warmth into your house, and they can protect you from cold and rain. When you begin to have problems with a window, you have to decide whether to replace it, upgrading to a stronger and more protective glass, or repair it. The following are some of the most common window problems that can often be repaired by experts in Glass Repair in Downers Grove.

Problem #1: Broken Glass.

Windows can be broken or cracked by any kind of impact, from a tree limb thrown by a storm to the classic flying baseball. Windows may also develop small cracks or chips as the wood of the window frame expands and contracts with changing levels of moisture in the air. Once the smallest crack occurs, it’s easy to widen it through any extra pressure, like cleaning the glass or simply bumping into it. If you have a broken window, you can replace the pane of glass only instead of buying a new window. However, if the frame is damaged, you may want to consider replacing the whole window with a new one that includes tempered glass panes.

Problem #2: Ruptured Seals.

This is a problem that you see when double-paned windows develop a foggy appearance from condensation between the layers of glass. The seals around the window or glass door can break down due to temperature changes that cause them to expand and contract. Once the seals have broken, moisture can get in between the layers. You will most likely need to replace the panes as well as the sash that holds the window in place.

Problem #3: Windows That Let In Draft.

Windows should let warmth in and keep cold out, but as they age, they may become drafty. This is usually a problem with the wooden frame around the window rather than the panes of glass. You may have rotten wood or worn out caulking. If caulking or weather stripping is the problem, it’s an inexpensive fix to re-caulk the window or buy new weather stripping.

It is almost always a good idea to repair your windows if possible rather than replacing them because of the money you’ll save. If you’re looking for Glass Repair in Downers Grove, check out Bolingbrook Glass & Mirror.

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