Could Your Tooth Pain Be Stopped With Root Canal Therapy in Ypsilanti MI?

The goal of root canal therapy in Ypsilanti MI is to stop tooth pain and prevent necrosis. Root canals are often needed when one has suffered severe damage, infection, or decay. It is important for people to feel comfortable with the dental care they receive. Knowing what to expect from the process can allow a person to feel more comfortable in having a root canal carried out so they will not feel so nervous.

When a patient comes in for Root Canal Therapy in Ypsilanti MI, the basic procedure is explained so they will know what to expect. It is important for people to realize they will be placed under anesthesia so they will not feel any pain or discomfort as their tooth is being worked on. The anesthesia will also help them to avoid any discomfort just after their procedure is carried out.

Once the patient is fully numb, the work can begin. The dentist must first create an opening at the crown of the tooth so certain tools can be used to clean out the pulp. The pulp inside the tooth must be removed if it is diseased in any way. The dentist will also remove the nerve so the tooth no longer causes the patient any pain. The nerve is no longer needed for normal tooth function so it is safe to remove.

The dentist will use various tools to carry out the root canal procedure. Root canal files are used to clean out the diseased tissue from the roots of the tooth. Once clean, the dentist works to prepare the root canals so they can receive the filling material that will be used next in the process. Gutta-Percha is used to fill the roots because this material allows for expansion and contraction in the tooth without causing damage. The tooth is then topped with dental cement to make it strong.

If you are in need of a root canal procedure, there is no need to fear. For more information on this procedure, Browse our website. A root canal procedure can help to save your tooth so your smile stays intact and healthy.

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