Using A Tree Removal Service To Transplant A Tree

If someone has a tree on their property that they would like placed in another area, they will need to call a Tree Removal Service to help with this feat. Larger trees can be quite difficult for someone to remove on their own, making the hiring of a tree service the best way to have it done properly and with less risk of injury or damage to a home or the tree.

First, the tree removal service will look for a new spot in the yard to place the tree. It is important that the habitat is similar to the one where the tree is currently located so it will adapt easily. It is also important to do the tree removal during winter months as the tree will be more likely to go into shock if it is in a blooming state. During the winter trees are dormant and in a better condition to move without dying as a result.

The tree service will then dig a hole in this area. They will fill this with water and cover it with a sheet to keep it from freezing if weather conditions are cold. This will be done a day or two before the tree is to be moved so that the ground is saturated.

When it becomes time to move the tree, the service will use shovels to dig it out of the ground. They may need to cut some of the roots if they have difficulty removing it from the soil. They will then carry it to the new location and set the roots into the hole filled with water. The soil will be replaced around the perimeter. Mulch will most likely be placed around the tree to help keep the water moist so the tree will be able to have nourishment needed to grow.

If a homeowner wishes to have a Tree Removal Service come to their home to assist in a transplant operation, they can contact a professional in the area. Give a call to Timberline Tree Service to get an estimate for this service. An appointment can then be made if desired. You can also like them on Facebook.

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