What Does An Arborist Do?

An Arborist is a tree care specialist who is trained in caring for trees, from the planting phase through care and maintenance over an individual tree’s life cycle. Each species and individual plant has different needs that must be met to encourage ideal growth conditions. Hiring a professional to care for them is an investment that can lead to increased property value and turn any yard into a beautiful outdoor sanctuary.

In addition to considering property value and aesthetic appeal, it’s important to note that improperly cared for trees can be a liability. Regular pruning is often necessary to remove dead branches, or those that could fall and damage structures or even cause personal injury. This work can be dangerous, and should only be performed by those that are properly trained and have access to adequate safety gear.

For those with existing trees on their properties, it’s important to keep an eye out for both safety hazards and signs of disease. The spontaneous dying off of individual branches that begins from the tips and works its way back to the trunk is a bad sign, as are mushrooms and fungi growing on the trunk. Regular maintenance, including watering and mulching, can help to prevent these issues. But if a tree is already showing signs of disease, calling a trained specialist can help homeowners to decide whether or not it is worth trying to save it. Different species are prone to different diseases, with different methods of treatment and potential fatality rates. It’s important to have any unusual growths or signs of decay evaluated as quickly as possible, even if the rest of the tree appears to be healthy. Often leaves will remain green and lush even while the trunk of a tree is suffering from serious health troubles.

When deciding who to call, keep in mind that not every Arborist performs the same work. Some only consult and offer advice, some diagnose and treat disease, while others actually do everything from planting trees to maintaining them. Business Name provides trained contractors that can help homeowners with all of their tree care needs over the course of their life cycles.

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