Online Fundraising – It’s in the Bag!

Well, it’s that time of year again and your organization needs a way to raise some money. Should you turn to the “tried and true” (which is also the “same old thing”) or maybe you want something a little different? Online fundraising can be the answer to your problems and when you sell different types of shopping and tote bags, you not only make lives easier for your contributors, it can simplify the entire process of raising funds. Here are some of the good things about using the Internet for beautiful and useful bags.

Save on Mailers

With some fundraising promotions, you may think about sending out several hundred or maybe several thousand mailers. This can be a very expensive proposition, especially since the return on this strategy can be low. You could be working with a limited budget so why make it hard on yourself and your organization? It’s much easier to contact a list of people via email and this cost is virtually nothing, unless you pay for email lists. Just include a link to online shopping and your job is done. With online fundraising you can send as many emails as you like and there is no additional charge.

Save on Startup Expenses

A fundraiser promotion can come with a lot of expenses. This is one of the main reasons people are choosing to go online for their needs. You can get started for very little.

Product Selection

When you choose an online provider for your promotional products you enjoy a wide range of selections. For example, some providers offer everything from special shopping bags, kitchen supplies and many types of accessories for the home. This can give you a more effective promotion because you don’t have to concentrate on one product like candy or T-shirts.

No Door to Door Sales

Unless you like getting doors slammed in your face or dealing with angry dogs, door to door sales techniques should be avoided when possible. In addition, it can be very hard on the feet and body to go out walking through the neighborhood. and not everyone in your organization may be up to this task. There is no need for these hassles.

Simple and Uncomplicated

With online fundraising you contact the provider. Your fundraiser professionals are there to work with and provide you with all the materials you need. With online catalogs the process is simple. Customers can order beautiful eco friendly bags on the Web and you receive the credit. This strategy for raising money can be highly effective, safe, and a good way to conduct a not for profit campaign.

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