In Search of the Best Fundraising Ideas for Teams

No matter what kind of sports team you are helping out, all teams could use money for jackets, jerseys and extras which make playing sports more rewarding and fun. So how can you bring in some extra money this year without making the kids go door to door selling boxes of candy? Here are helpful fundraising ideas for teams.


Auctions are a good way to get participation. This gives many people in your community the opportunity to donate items they no longer need. An auction serves two purposes. First, particiapants can clear a lot of clutter from their homes. Second, the donations they make are tax deductions.

You have many choices when it comes to hosting an auction. You may wish to throw a special dinner and this can add to your take for the evening. If you want to increase participation, sponsor an online auction. It can be held over the course of several days and people with busy schedules are more likely to participate.

Sports Clinics

A sport clinic may be one of the best fundraising ideas for teams. However, it may not be easy to get professional athletes to participate. Instead, try approaching local colleges and high schools. These athletes can be perfect teachers and mentors to young people interested in the sport, and many are willing to donate their time for a worthy cause.

Promoting Team Photos

Team photos are very popular these days, but did you know they can be a good source for your fundraising efforts? 12 different pictures can make an attractive calendar which may be sold at games and other events. Make sure to let everyone know exactly where the money for calendar sales is going. This makes them more likely to participate.

Plan Ahead

At the end of your promotion, send a thank you to everyone who participated. Yes, this will take some money for cards and postage, but everyone likes to feel appreciated and you might be surprised how much good will a simple “thank you” can generate.

Professional Help

Maybe you are in search of good fundraising ideas for team sports. Why not go to people who do this for a living? There are some excellent fundraising professionals available to help you and you will not have to worry about any upfront costs. Most of the hard work is already done for you and you can take advantage of professionally designed fundraising efforts.

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