The Versatility Of Carling Rocker Switches

When choosing a specific type of switch for a piece of equipment, an instrument panel or a device, there is are several different aspects of the switch and its use to consider. Two of the most common types of switches used on equipment are the pushbutton and the rocker, with Carling rocker switches often the top choice.

The pushbutton switch is a simple on and off switch that includes depressing the button to make or break the circuit to turn things on or off. With the rocker switch either the top or bottom of the switch is pushed, allowing it to rock into the on or off position.

Smooth Operation

With the use of Carling rocker switches rather than other switch types, there is more of a smooth transition for the user between the on and off positions. They can be used for general switches on electronic devices as well as for turning lights on and off or even for printers, photocopiers or medical equipment.

The design of the rocker switch also keeps it streamlined and smooth to the surface for flush types of mounts. This eliminates the switch sticking out from the surface, preventing accidental movement of the switch and also helping to prevent wear and tear on the switch.

Options to Consider

With rocker switches, there are different features or options to add to the switch’s versatility. Illuminated types of switches make them easy to identify, and they also can indicate if it is in the on or off position. It is also possible to just have the light on when the switch is in the on position, an important safety feature for some types of applications.

As with all rocker switches, the Carling rocker switches can be used in multiway switch configurations. This allows lights, equipment or devices to be turned on or off from various switches linked together. In industrial applications, this is an important safety feature, and it is also very common when the switches are used in residential or commercial lighting systems.

There are various sizes and colors of rocker switches to coordinate with specific applications, or to make it easy to identify different control switches on a device or a panel of switches. Sizes from large to small are also ideal for matching the location of the switch with the device, creating a balanced and streamlined look that adds to both the function and the effectiveness of the device.

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