Protect Your Home and Office with a 3M Safety and Security Window Film

If your office is on the bottom floor of a city block or located in the outskirts open to intruders, you may wonder how you can better protect your windows. An intruder can easily break glass windows and steal your items long before the cops arrive. You may have alarms, but it still takes time for the police to arrive at your location. A 3M safety and security window film mitigates smash and grab burglaries.

Stop Intruders

The 3M safety and security window film has the same benefits of a sun control film with added protection. It reinforces your windows and lowers the risk of theft. You may be able to talk to your insurance company about lowering your rates with this added protection.

A 3M security window film will make your family feel safer, knowing it is near impossible for an intruder to smash through your windows. They will most likely hurt themselves during the attempt, leaving further evidence for the police and lessening the chance your items will be stolen.

Cut Energy Costs

A 3M safety and security window film also provides protection against damaging UV rays. UV rays will tarnish your furniture and pictures. UV rays also greatly increase the temperature of your home. Preventing damaging UV rays from entering your home or office will cut energy costs.

Natural Disasters

During a natural disaster such as a severe windstorm or a tornado, your windows can easily break causing projectile glass to fly into your home or office. A 3M security window film will mitigate the risks of flying glass. Flying glass can cause severe injury. The security window film will keep your glass intact during a natural disaster and lessen the likelihood of injury.

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