Offset Printing in Houston TX for Promotional Products

There is some confusion when it comes to which printing method is best for promotional products like banners, bulk poster printing, flyers and other promotional products. Offset printing in Houston TX has some advantage over digital printing when it comes to bulk printing of promotional products.

What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing in Houston TX uses plates that are used to transfer text and images to a rubber blanket that is then used to “print” the information on to some type of media. There are some clear advantages to using this method especially in bulk printing like:

  • Consistent image transfer
  • Consistent color management
  • Crisp clean, professional results
  • Lower cost for large batches
  • Opportunity to use custom colors
  • Highest quality printing

This printing method provides consistent color and image transfer through out the process which ensures that your last promotional product looks as good as the first one. The images are crisp and clean giving every print a professional look.

It Is Cheaper

If you are going to order in bulk, the more you order the cheaper the per print cost is when you opt for offset printing. It is a win-win option for large orders, you save more and you get better results.

Custom Colors

Digital printing relies on toner to transfer an image, which limits the type of custom ink that you can use. Offset printing allows the use of custom inks like metallic. It can be the perfect way to get custom results for your promotional materials that really make your business pop.

The Quality is Amazing

This type of printing service results in high quality images and text that are hard to get in any other way, especially when it comes to bulk orders. 800WePrint is a great place to get offset printing!

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