Myths About Marijuana Dispensaries In Cook County

There are many prevailing myths that serve to make the debate about medicinal marijuana that much more complex. Some of these myths surround the treatment itself, casting unwarranted speculation on its ultimate effectiveness. Other myths are about the dispensaries themselves. These myths can be incredibly harmful, and in some cases may cause residents to be resistant to the idea of a dispensary opening in their neighborhood. Here are just a few myths about marijuana dispensaries in Cook County, along with the reasons why they are false.

There Are Many Dispensaries In The State

The myth that there are tons of dispensaries to choose from persists across each and every state in which medical marijuana is legal. There are, in fact, not very many options when it comes to finding a legal dispensary. In some cases, dispensaries may have met the legal qualification, but they operate with subpar standards. There aren’t many reputable, legal, dispensaries around, making it harder for patients to obtain access to their treatment.

Dispensaries Cause Crime Rate To Soar

There are a few prevailing myths that opening a dispensary in any given neighborhood will cause the crime rate to skyrocket. Other myths state that property values plummet in neighborhoods with dispensaries. Thankfully, both of these myths are unequivocally false. There is no research that shows dispensaries have any connection to the crime rate in their own neighborhood, or in those nearby. Nor do dispensaries cause property values to fall. In fact, the research that has been conducted indicates that dispensaries are responsible businesses, that can bring jobs to the area and help people access doctor recommended treatment.

It’s Easy To Obtain A Prescription At A Dispensary

While there may be some truth to this myth in other areas, Illinois has a very lengthy process that must be followed in order to obtain a prescription for medicinal cannabis. Paperwork must be filed with the health department, and must be accompanied by a recommendation from your family physician.

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