Utilizing Your Time With A Medical Marijuana Doctor

Patients in New Port Richey, FL, meeting with a medical marijuana doctor for the first time or when visiting for subsequent appointments can and should ask questions. This is an ideal time to talk to the medical marijuana doctor about any issues or concerns you may have about the use of medical cannabis or the best options to manage your medical or psychological conditions.

Medical Marijuana Formulations

One of the benefits of working with the medical marijuana doctor is the ability to find out what formulations may be best for your specific needs. Some people may find they have a better response with a particular formulation, such as vaping or the use of concentrates or edibles.

Understanding the options and what to consider when choosing the right formulation of medical marijuana based on the condition and the patient’s personal preference is important for both the patient and the MMJ doctor.

Side Effects

Most patients in and around New Port Richey, FL, should experience serious negative side effects with the use of medical marijuana. Some patients may find they have changes that include increased appetite, dizziness, difficulties in concentrating or remembering, or increased drowsiness or fatigue.
Changing the type of medical marijuana used or switching to another formulation can often eliminate these side effects for the patient.

When talking to your medical marijuana doctor in New Port Richey, FL, be sure to discuss any prescription or over-the-counter drugs or supplements you are taking. There may be drug-to-drug interactions to consider, although these are uncommon.