Get Back to Nature with a Kayaking Trip in Charleston SC

Whether you are a kayaking beginner or you’ve been doing it for years, there’s a kayaking trip in Charleston SC that’s perfect for you. This area is truly gorgeous and kayaking offers a great way to not only view the scenery but feel like you are a part of it.

The swamps and marshes around Charleston are full of wildlife, especially birds. Kayaking gives you the opportunity to do your bird watching in a more active way. Paddling around the area waters can bring you to a variety of ecological systems.

The Edisto River, for example, is a blackwater river that is considered to be one of the longest in the United States. It stretches from the Carolina Sandhills all the way to the ocean, wending its way along approximately 250 miles. It has a long history of supporting wildlife and people over thousands of years.

You can typically find a half-day or full-day kayaking trip in Charleston SC, depending on how much time and energy you have. It’s a great way to take a time out with the entire family, teaching kids the importance of preserving ecosystems as they enjoy playing in them.

A kayaking trip in Charleston SC is also an excellent way to unwind from the stress of your work week and get back to nature. With the shorter trips available, you can take a half day off on the weekend, and still have time to do your errands or work around the house.

Chances are, one of the things you love about this area is the landscapes and nature surrounding it. Unfortunately, you may not often take the time to enjoy it, figuring it’s there so you can do it any time. A kayaking trip is a great way to remind yourself about all that beauty just around the corner.

Next time you’re looking for something different to do with your day off, consider a kayaking trip in Charleston SC. Once you do, you’re guaranteed to be going back again and again.