Do I Need A Medical Card In Houston?

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Medical Center

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Houston is one of the major cities in Texas, and it is a rapidly growing area of the state and of the country. Known for oil production, shipping, and technology sectors along with the Space Center, the population of the city is over 2.3 million and growing.

People moving to Houston from other cities across the country with qualifying medical or psychological conditions can apply for a prescription for medical marijuana in the state. In Texas, you must be a permanent resident to apply, and you must have one of the qualifying medical or psychological conditions recognized by the state. Whiles these qualifying conditions are not as extensive as in many other states, the laws are changing with more conditions added over the last few years.

The Prescription Process

Obtaining a medical marijuana prescription requires a phone call to a CUP (Compassionate Use Program) registered medical marijuana doctor. This phone call is a medical record review and consultation to determine if medical marijuana is right for the patient. There is no in-office appointment needed in the state.

Once approved, the doctor enters a prescription for medical marijuana into the Compassionate Use Registry. This prescription replaces the medical card required in other states. The patient can then fill the prescription with any approved dispensary in Texas.

Not requiring a medical card makes it easy for patients as their prescription is electronically available to the dispensary. There is also no need to carry a medical card or worry about replacing the card if it is lost or stolen.

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