Helpful Tips For Scheduling First Appointments With Medical Marijuana Doctors

Patients in and around Tallahassee, FL, with qualifying medical and psychological conditions can obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana from one of the state-approved medical marijuana doctors. This is a very simple and straightforward process that allows the patient to speak directly to an MMJ doctor. In Florida, the requirement is for an in-person visit, which typically takes only about fifteen minutes.

To maximize the time spent with medical marijuana doctors at the first appointment, patients can do a few simple things to get prepared. Typically, patients will receive information at the time they book and pay for their appointment to assist in the process.

Consider Where You Schedule

Seeing an MMJ doctor in Tallahassee, FL, or somewhere in the state is a requirement. A medical marijuana recommendation to the state registry provides the patient with the necessary medical card that is used across the state. However, choosing a local MMJ doctor allows you to use the same office for follow-up appointments in the future. It is also more convenient for most patients to use a local MMJ doctor.

Complete the Forms

All medical marijuana doctors require intake forms and all required information submitted in advance of the scheduled appointment. This is typically a 24-hour advance requirement. Be sure to complete all areas of the intake form and provide all required information to avoid scheduling delays.

Finally, be sure to read the cancellation and rescheduling policies. This helps you to avoid additional fees if you fail to provide the advanced cancellation notice required.