Patient and Doctor Medical Marijuana Certifications

Since 2016 when Florida voters passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana, thousands of patients have asked their primary care physicians for a prescription for medical marijuana. However, there are many things wrong with this.

It is illegal in Florida for a doctor to prescribe medical marijuana. Marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug by the federal government which prevents doctors from writing marijuana prescriptions. Instead, patients must visit a doctor with a medical marijuana certification in Fort Myers and undergo a complete physical examination and medical history review. If the patient has a qualifying condition and meets all the requirements set forth by law, then the physician will make a recommendation in compliance with state law.

Certified Doctors

Not all physicians in Florida are certified to recommend medical marijuana to their patients. Only physicians licensed under Chapter 458 or Chapter 459 of Florida Statutes have a medical marijuana certification. An internet search will provide a list of physicians with a medical marijuana certification in Fort Myers. The Florida Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use publishes a list of all physicians meeting the requirements.

Patient Certification

Individuals who have a qualifying medical condition are eligible to participate in the Florida Medical Marijuana program. Patients must first be seen and recommended by a Medical Marijuana Doctor. If the patient meets all the requirements, then the doctor will recommend the patient for a Medical Marijuana Card.

Individuals must apply for a Florida Medical Marijuana card. Patients must be:
 * A permanent or seasonal resident of Florida
 * Be over the age of 18 or accompanied by a legal guardian
 * Have a valid Florida driver license or Florida identification card
 * Have a qualifying medical condition
 * Must have a Compassionate Use Registry Patient Identification Number

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