Three Most Common Types of Commercial Insurance in Brookfield WI

Owning a business comes with many benefits, such as the potential to make more money than would be made working for another party and the benefit of controlling every aspect of the business. It also entails many responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities is obtaining commercial insurance. Three most common types of Commercial Insurance in Brookfield, WI are commercial property insurance, commercial liability insurance, and commercial workers’ compensation insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance

One most common type of commercial insurance is property insurance. Commercial property insurance pays for the damages and losses that occur to personal and real property. For example, if a fire damages an office space, commercial property insurance covers the costs associated with the repair and replacement of the office space and the materials within. This type of insurance can also cover more specific property, such as boilers, machinery, and computers.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is another most common type of Commercial Insurance in Brookfield, WI. Commercial liability insurance pays for the costs associated with a customer becoming injured inside the business or on the property. If a person is hurt at a place of business, commercial liability insurance can cover that person’s medical and rehabilitation bills. If an injured person decides to sue because of their injuries, the liability insurance can cover the cost of defending the lawsuit.

Commercial Workers’ Compensation Insurance

A third most common type of commercial insurance is workers’ compensation insurance. Commercial workers’ compensation insurance pays for the costs associated with an employee being hurt on the job. This can include covering the costs of the injured employee’s medical bills and any rehabilitation the employee requires, as well as providing temporary or permanent payments to cover the employee’s lost wages or permanent effects of the injury.

P & C Insurance Services Inc. can provide Commercial Insurance in Brookfield WI. Policies are available which include property insurance, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. Depending on the type of business, additionally, specialized coverages can be added according to each customer’s specific needs. Knowledgeable agents are on-hand to help customers find the perfect commercial insurance plan. Visit the website today for more information.

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