Living Ready for Jesus’ Return

It would be very easy to lead the life God intended if we knew exactly when Jesus would be returning. We could base our lives on God’s word in preparation of Jesus’ return when it would be convenient instead of using our faith in God everyday so we are always prepared. A free Prophecy will not tell you when Jesus will return. However, it will help you learn God’s plan for you and how best you can live in preparation for the second coming.

Reveal Yourself to God
Many people make the mistake of waiting for God when in fact God is waiting for you. You can reveal yourself to God by leading the life of a Christian and it is easier to do so if you have a better understanding of what God has intended. A free prophecy will help you understand how God envisions your life so that you can reveal yourself to God by opening your heart to his love. You will then be able to live without fear no matter how hard the world becomes. Your faith will be your strength for you will know God intends only good things for you and this belief will give you the strength to carry on.

Live Each Day with Expectation
If you choose to live each day with the expectation that Jesus is coming you will be fearless. You will know you have proven your faith and lived following the teachings of Jesus. But this is something that must be felt in your heart and mind and not be driven by fear of God. God wishes you to fear him only in the sense of fearing life without his love. If you truly believe you will see the path set out in your free prophecy is easy and welcome. You will live each day without fear of Jesus’ return because you will know you have lived with true love and faith in your heart and that you have tried to share this love with others. You can teach the word of God through your actions by living a life of charity, kindness and caring using deeds to spread the word instead of words. Living each day with the expectation that Jesus can arrive at any time will show your worthiness to be welcomed into his kingdom

For a free prophecy to provide you with helpful insight into your life’s purpose you can visit and discover God’s plan to enrich your life.

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