Let Aveda in Denver Remove the Stresses of Life, and Reveal the Beautiful Woman that You Are.

Life can be stressful, wonderful and exhausting. Trying to keep up with your busy schedule, being pulled in too many directions, and always being there for everyone, will eventually takes its toll. From being a little cranky, not sleeping as well as you should, to letting your hair grow out, you are on the verge of self neglect. Sometimes, you just need to be pampered, an hour, half a day, or a full day away from it all. The people at Aveda in Denver, are waiting to massage, scrub, soothe and pamper all the tension away. You may walk in feeling spent, but time with the professionals will have you feeling rejuvenated and beautiful from the inside out. With services that can start with something as simple as changing your nail polish color, to full spa day events, they have the perfect pick me up available. You can select from a pre-planned package or create one tailored to your specific needs.

When you walk through the door, you will be stepping into a world of peace, relaxation, re-creation and rejuvenation. From head to toe, they are there for you. There are hair stylists available to cut, color, or change your hairstyle completely. You can sit down for a consultation about your life-style, your hair needs and your desires. They will design a hairstyle that is perfect for you. There are facials for relaxation, anti-aging and acne treatments. Body massages to realign your energy centers, hot rock massages, deep tissue massages and scalp massages. Hands and feet can be scrubbed, polished and paraffin dipped.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, VEDA Salon and Spa can make you look and feel your best, with a day at the spa. Massages, facials, hair styling, hands and feet and make-up application are available. You will look as beautiful as you feel when you walk back out into the world and into your celebration ceremony. From Sweet 16 to your wedding day, or no occasion at all, they will be there for you removing the stresses of your daily life and revealing the truly beautiful woman that you are.

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