Online Business Cards Just Got Easier: Make vCard Online

563967_423058544470798_230827423_nBusiness cards are said to be nearly obsolete. They kill trees, are a waste of space in your wallet, sometimes you don’t have them when you need them the most, and they clutter up your life. Entering the information into your contacts after an encounter is a waste of time. Since everybody has a cell phone and a laptop nowadays, why not make the process easier by using the technology we have? Peg Works can help with all your business card issues. Peg Works is an innovative technology that was created mostly with time in mind.

This program was born out of frustration with how much time it takes to enter contact and business information into each email sent and each networking connection made. Even though there are many ways to enter contact information easily, none are as convenient as this, and none are as versatile as Peg Works either. With Peg Works, you can make vcard online, which is a way to make a business card that is easily accessible via a link inserted into emails or wherever you so choose.

The process is really quite simple and quick. Sign up for a free account with, enter your company and personal information (this is your virtual business card, or vcard), and send it with emails and other interactions. Making your vcard is private, as you can decide who can see what type of information you have on your vcard. Business contacts can only see your business information, personal contacts can see your business information and your personal information, if you wish. No contact can see your personal information if you don’t want them to, but you can choose who does see this information. You can choose to manage your contacts however you wish to organize them and however makes sense to you.

Besides make vcard online, you can also use the website as your “cloud storage” of address books. As more people sign up and enter their information, you will be able to find their information here and keep track of their information in one convenient place, with one convenient click.

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