Increase shelf life of products by using head space gas analyzer

Have you ever wondered how the different gases in the atmosphere could affect the longevity of packed products? Well if you have noticed carefully then you will see that most packaged goods like foot items are never filled up to the brim. The residual space is occupied by air, composed of a mixture of gases, and is known as the head space. This head space gas must be analysed properly, and this process is a key to increasing the shelf life of food, beverages, and other packaged product.

Head space gas analysis primarily focuses on measuring the levels of two main gases, namely oxygen and carbon dioxide. In most cases, oxygen levels are to be kept in check because if the amount is too high if will favor the growth of microbes and lead to spoilage. When it comes to carbon dioxide, one has to ensure that it is absent in products which can react with the gas.

Here in comes the need of head space gas analyzer. It is a device that measures the concentration of the gas at a rapid speed. In most cases, one uses a portable head space gas analyzer which gives accurate readings and can be used easily by anyone. These are highly durable, reliable and cost efficient.

There are also bench top head space gas analyzers which are generally used in laboratories for leak detection, shelf life study, and oxygen degradation study. One can find different varieties of head space gas analyzers in the market with different features. One can browse through the various options in the official website of the companies selling head space gas analyzer. All you have to do is decide on the analyzer you want to buy, get a quote and make your purchase.

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