Ask Your Residential Roofer Fairfax VA: Repair or Replace?

For those who need a residential roofer, Fairfax, VA residents will want to speak to several professionals to determine which can offer the best outcome and finished result for their needs. A key factor here is whether or not the roof needs to be replaced or if repairs are an option. Repairing a roof is less expensive and, when there are just small areas of need, this is the route to take. Yet, there are other factors to keep in mind when trying to make this decision.

Key Questions to Ask Your Residential Roofer Fairfax, VA

When you request an estimate for the work, find out what the reasoning is from your roofer about various options. For example, a good place to start is with the current condition. If the roof is in good overall condition, but you have a leak, can it be repaired easily? Will it cost too much to locate and repair the leak, making replacing the roof a better option?

Next, consider the short and long term. If you make a repair to the existing roof today, when will you need to replace the roof in the future? That is, if your roof is going to need replacement in a year or two, it may be beneficial to skip the repair and just replace it now.

Consider factors such as the value that a new roof can offer as well as whether or not your home insurance will help to cover the cost of your new roof. The good news is you can get answers to your questions when you call the residential roofer Fairfax, VA residents have available to them. Get a quote. Speak to them about all of your options. Find a roofer you can trust to help you make the best decision.

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