The Importance of CNC Plasma Cutting in Cleveland

Today, sheet metal and steel materials are sawed, sheared, ground, cut with lasers, and some companies offer CNC plasma cutting services in Cleveland. This is an important service that offers a lot of benefits, but what is plasma? What is CNC and how can these services benefit your business? Let’s look closer to see.


Plasma used in metal fabrication is not the same thing as blood plasma. Blood plasma refers to the clear part of the blood, and it’s a part of milk that contains fat globules.

The plasma used in CNC plasma cutting shops in Cleveland contains free electrons and positively charged ions. It does not have an electrical charge, and it has similar properties to gasses. However, unlike gasses, plasma can conduct electricity, and this is an important property.

How Plasma Torches Work

A typical welder uses electricity to heat metal and welding rods. A plasma torch has a continuous stream of electricity flowing from the gaseous materials. When you constrict this flow with a very small hole, it concentrates the electricity to create a powerful cutting torch. The torch also uses oxygen and a tungsten electrode.

Plasma and CNC

Imagine what you could do with a plasma cutting torch controlled by a computer software program. You could make all kinds of intricate cuts and create many shapes and sizes.

Precision Cuts

Some projects call for precision cuts that can easily be duplicated over and over. Making precision cuts manually is not easy and is tedious work. When the process is automated, it removes the fatigue factor and gives you some of the most precise cuts possible.


CNC plasma cutting services in Cleveland can work with many materials. They can cut metal as thick as three inches. This kind of efficiency lowers costs which they pass on to the customer, saving you time and money.

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