How to Shop for Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

When it comes to good housekeeping in the industrial field, there’s nothing more powerful than industrial central vacuum systems. These high tech vacuums are designed to lift fine powders, explosive materials, wet and dry spills along with the everyday dirt and grime. Investing in an industrial vacuum is the key to a clean, OSHA and NFPA safe working environment.

What to Look for in Industrial Central Vacuum Systems
If you’ve decided the industrial vacuum is the way to go for keeping a clean, safe, and workable environment for employees then check out the central vacuum systems. These systems are installed within the workplace and allow for multiple users in separate areas.

Key specifications to look for in industrial central vacuum systems may depend on the type of industry you are working in. In general, most systems should include one on one customer service from the system’s representative. Vacuum representatives should be able to provide you with an ideal layout of the central systems set up and design within the workplace. Demonstrations should be available upon request. Assistance should also be provided for installation and use of the machine.

The machine itself should include features such as:
* The ability to remove large quantities of fine dust
 * An oversized specialized pleated filter cartridge
 * Reverse pulse filter technology that will automatically keep filter cartridges clean and prevent clogging and build up
 * Fully grounded and sealed to prevent static build-up
 * Universal inlets and outlets
 * Direct discharge into dustpan capable of holding gallons of materials
 * Heavy duty construction

Additional features to look out for may include:
 * Customizable installation
 * Explosion proof venting dome and integral gaskets for safety
 * Manual starter
 * Overload protector
 * Three phase motor operation

Customer Service is Key
Look for companies that will take time to talk with their customers and learn what the ideal needs are for industrial central vacuum systems. Make sure customer service will be continued even after purchase so that questions, concerns, and maintenance issues may be addressed.

Knowing what type of system is needed for your industrial business is critical. Having a customer service team ready and able to help meet those needs is key!

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