Items to Check Before the Hot Water Heater Installation

Getting a new hot water heater can improve the numbers on the electric bill. While the new system is replacing the old, there maybe a few other items needing to be replaced at the same time. These items also age along with the hot water heater. Since they are vital to the operation of the hot water heater, an inspection needs to be conducted prior to installation day.

The plumbing system needs to be inspected. If the piping has been in placed for the entire span of the old hot water heater, it may have deteriorated over that period. Any piping composed of cast iron will have to be replaced before the Hot Water Heater Installation. The pipe fittings should also be checked to ensure they are ready for the connection to the heater.

Another item needing to be inspected is the base where the new hot water heater will go. If the base has been damaged from leaking water, it should be inspected to ensure it can handle the load of the new heater. Brackets are often used to hold the base of the tank off of the ground. If the brackets and bolts are rusted, they will need to be replaced prior to the installation. Removal may require cutting the rusted pieces off.

The electrical system also needs to be inspected before the Hot Water Heater Installation. Like the hot water heater, the wiring which hooks into the system will deteriorate over time. The heater will also need to be on a separate breaker system. In older electrical systems, the hot water heater may not be separated out. To completely isolate this system, a designated breaker is required. If wiring needs to be replaced, this task will have to be done before the system is hooked up.

A new hot water heater can enhance energy efficiency and improve delivery. To get this system up and running in a timely manner, the plumbing system, the base, and electrical system need to be checked prior to the installation. Once everything is structurally sound, the hot water heater can fit into its place. For more information on the installation process, check out

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