What to Know About the Different Types of Industrial Pumps

As you might know, pumps are often used in industrial settings. Their main purpose is to transfer liquid from one receptacle to another. Pumps are usually employed since liquids can take a long time to transfer. Yet, there are a lot of different aspects to industrial pumps. See what you should know about the different types of pumps on the market.

Industrial Pump Basics

As noted, pumps are focused on moving fluid material. In fact, if you use liquids in any aspect of your life, it’s likely a pump was involved. In industrial settings, pumps are used for sludge, oil, water, slurry and even wastewater. There is practically no limit as to what a pump can move. Even if you have a pump that breaks down, you can always use industrial pump & motor repair to get it up and running again. In the end, these machines are key to almost every industrial site.

A Look at the Categories of Pumps

When it comes down to it, there is a pump for every need. Positive displacement pumps push liquid through a piston or plunger. These are best suited for moving oil-like fluids. On the other hand, centrifugal pumps move in a circular motion to transfer out water. You’ll find these pumps in water plants, power plants and in some types of refineries. Drum pumps use a motor to pump fluids along a certain course. Finally, some pumps use hand power to generate the transfer motion. All in all, each pump suits a particular purpose.

Picking the Right Pump

If you are buying a new pump or replacing one, it can be hard to know what you need. An industrial pump & motor repair company can help you make the right decision. Get advice to make sure your investment in a pump turns out right.

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