How does laser hair removal work?

There are a number of different methods that are commonly used to eliminate unwanted body hair, a very effective method uses laser light. After a few treatments it is quite possible that the need to shave or to use depilatories will be eliminated on legs, underarms, bikini lines or elsewhere.

Hair follicles are surrounded by a type of pigment called Melanin; it is this pigment that absorbs the heat induced by the laser. Darker hair contains a greater degree of Melanin so it absorbs more heat. Once the pigment that surrounds the follicle has absorbed enough heat the hair follicle either dies or is damaged which prevents hair re-growth. When this method of hair removal in Cincinnati, OH is used the hair simply falls out and often does not return and if it does, it is a slow process.

The use of laser hair removal has a lot to do with the color of the skin. The skin also contains the pigment called Melanin, the darker the skin, the more Melanin it contains. A person with hair which is lighter than the skin will not have good success with this treatment as the skin absorbs the majority of the laser light and not the hair. An ideal candidate for laser hair removal in Cincinnati, OH is a fair skinned individual with dark hair.

The issue is that the hair should be darker than the skin for best results as it will be the hair that absorbs the heat. As the skin has a large surface area it cools very quickly compared to the hair. Often during treatment the skin has had a cooling agent applied so in this way the follicles can remain hot while the skin is comfortably cool.

Before laser treatment for hair removal in Cincinnati, OH was developed the favored method was electrolysis. Although both these treatment methods need multiple visits, laser is better as it treats multiple hairs with each pulse and as electrolysis only shocked one hair at a time it was considerably less comfortable. The only effect that is noticeable when laser is used is a feeling similar to light sunburn.

The number of visits varies with the individual skin type, and the area where the treatment takes place.

Laser hair removal in Cincinnati, OH is available at Anderson Cosmetic & Vein Institute. At Anderson they use EpiLight, state of the art pulsed light lasers.

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