Understanding the Social Security Disability Process

The term disability comes with many definitions. Whether you suffer from a physical disability due to injuries at work, or a mental health disorder that keeps you from holding down a job, you have the right to file a claim for disability benefits. If your benefits have been terminated, then you have the right to seek legal advice to have them re-instated. Perhaps you have just found out that you are eligible for disability benefits. No matter what type of disability claim you are trying to file, you will need a competent and professional attorney that knows and understands disability law in Altoona, PA.

Getting Counsel so the Process is Not Overwhelming

Just the thought of filing a disability claim can make some people want to give up. Time is of the essence in getting paperwork filed, so it is vital to have a professional attorney handling your claim. Once your physician has determined that you have a disability, you will have the evidence that is needed to file a disability claim. Your attorney will review the evidence, and they will determine whether or not further information is needed. Things need to be filed in a timely manner, because the Social Security Administration will deny your claim if things are not done correctly. If you have been denied benefits, you only have a 60 day window to file an appeal. If you are late in submitting the appeal, then you will have to restart the claims process from scratch. It is better to hire an attorney that can handle things for you, than to become stressed trying to do everything on your own.

What Do Social Security Disability Benefits Include?

Social Security Disability Benefits include medical coverage and cash payments depending on each particular case. These benefits are meant to help families that need to continue maintaining a household, since they are unable to work due to their disability. All of these benefits are given with your medical needs, financial situation, and work history in mind. Since there are so many different elements that can influence a disability claim, it is advisable to seek the knowledge of an attorney to guide you through the process. Legal evaluations can help you decide the best way to proceed with a disability claim.

Disability law in Altoona, PA can seem very confusing to people that have no knowledge of the law. J. Kirk Kling Attorney at Law can provide you legal advice for all of your social security disability questions.

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