Different Types of Water Heating Options

A water heater in Cincinnati will age in pretty much the same way as a water heater in Oregon or Oklahoma, provided it is serviced properly, and regularly maintained. There are a variety of options available to consumers but some might be restricted to certain areas of the country or the world as well as certain types of residence.

For example, an apartment block may not be able to install natural gas water heaters because there is no gas supply allowed at that particular property. Apartments do pose a more serious threat when natural gas is on the property, simply because it is far more volatile. Also, one of the most important and potentially deadly bi-products of natural gas is carbon dioxide, which can be extremely serious, if not fatal.

Resistance is not Futile

Electric water heaters can run with the aid of two resistance elements inside the water tank, which work on the exact same principle as the inside of an electric tea kettle. The elements heat the water and then keep it at a constant temperature until it is needed. Other heaters work with the use of a pump which transfers thermal energy, but these types often have elements as the backups.

Solar Heating Options

Solar power is becoming one of the more favored ways of creating and supplying energy in the home and the different methods of collection increase with every breakthrough. There are basic ‘thermal’ models which provide a direct gain which sends the energy to a collector. The collector can then store a certain amount of the energy, according to its capacity, and use it at a later time. Other methods include the closed loops system and the indirect system which pump heat transferring fluid through the panels. Some types of solar heaters are supposed to be closely monitored because they can produce water at a temperature too unsafe to withstand.

There are also ‘flat panel’ solar collectors which are usually used in a closed-loop system and resemble sky lights. They tend to be the most popular and durable types of panel and they offer the best results and most reliability. One other type to consider is the ‘evacuated tube collector’ but they are intended better for severely cold climates.

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