Fireproofing for Schools and Offices

An unexpected fire emergency is certainly a traumatizing event for everyone involved. It is vitally important in highly populated facilities, such as churches, schools or businesses, to be aware of potential fire risks. For many facilities, this starts in kitchen areas. Studies have shown most fires and the greatest need for fire protection in Louisville, KY begins somewhere near the kitchen area.

Start with the Kitchen

In the kitchen area, someone may inadvertently or carelessly leave a stove on or mismanage the microwave or even neglect faulty and exposed wiring. For an effective fire check of a facility and evaluation of the need for fire protection in Louisville, KY start in the kitchen where a potential fire may break out. It doesn’t take long for faulty electrical wiring, old insulation and overcrowded and unkept appliances to start a fire.

In the walkthrough of the facility, check other rooms that could potentially pose a fire risk. For example, most schools have a science or chemistry lab. These areas usually have fire burners and hot electrical devices needed for their science projects, which means these areas require the highest diligence for fire protection in Louisville, KY. If it’s a business, look for any overloaded outlets in computer rooms and shared office spaces. These rooms usually have overloaded outlets for computers, fax machines, printers and other office equipment.

Safety Equipment First

Inspect each room carefully and look for any devices that will help you in case of a fire or if you suddenly smell smoke. Where is the fire extinguisher located? When was the last time the fire extinguisher was tested or even replaced? Smoke alarms should be checked at least twice a year. In high gathering or high traffic areas, consider replacing smoke alarms every year or every two years. Make sure smoke alarms are strategically place to capture any smoke coming from a number of rooms.

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