A Massage Therapist In Maple Valley, WA Can Alleviate Pain And Tension Naturally

Regularly taking over-the-counter or prescription medication to alleviate pain and tension can lead to other health problems, including addiction. Medication will not fix the problem that is causing the pain and will only mask it. A Massage Therapist in Maple Valley WA will use the body’s natural healing ability by reducing toxins in the muscles and focusing on the painful areas.

The pain an individual feels in a muscle is from lactate acid and other metabolites that can build up during exercise or stress. Anti-inflammatory medication will reduce the pain, but it will also inhibit the muscle’s ability to heal at a normal rate. A massage therapist will increase the blood flow to the damaged area and help the body to heal.

Massage Therapy Is Not Just For Relaxation

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions can be managed with massage therapy. Massage therapy also helps to reduce digestive orders, fibromyalgia flare-ups, headaches, joint pain, and many other uncomfortable conditions. Stress on the mind or body can reduce an individual’s own immune system and cause disease that massage therapy can help to reduce.

Various Types Of Massage

A Massage Therapist in Maple Valley WA can perform several types of massage including medical, Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, prenatal, shiatsu, and sport. Deep tissue massage is used in many medical treatments because it can alleviate chronic pain and increase the range of motion of the muscles. This type of massage can be painful, but is considered a good pain as the muscle releases.

Sports Massage

A sports massage will provide relief of soft-tissue aches and muscle stiffness. An individual does not have to participate in sports to receive this type of massage. It is beneficial for anyone who performs a repetitive physical activity. Repetitive physical activity can cause stress on joints and muscles that are overused.

If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries from an accident, or any other type of pain in your body, visiting a massage therapist will help. A massage therapist will release the tension in the sore muscles and provide the relief you need from pain. Visit a massage therapist today and eliminate the need for regularly taking pain or anti-inflammatory medication.

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