Common Myths Regarding Organic Pet Food

All over the world, dog and cat food is a subject that is surprisingly controversial. From feeding your pet “people food” to searching out quality organic pet food, there are many myths and misconceptions that you may have heard. Here are just a few:

Myth #1: Anything marked organic pet food is certified.

This is a big myth in the pet food industry, mainly because we are used to human food going through rigorous certification processes to be considered organic. The USDA hasn’t yet created a true certification process for organic when it comes to pet food, so as of right now, pet food companies follow a set of guidelines. If food is at least 95% organic (meaning the ways the ingredients are grown, harvested, and processed are organic), then the food can be marked organic. If it is at least 70% organic, it can be marked with the term “Made with Organic”. Finally, if it is less than 70% organic, the organic ingredients can be listed as organic, but the food itself cannot be marketed as organic.

Myth #2: Feeding your pets organic “people food” is bad for them.

It is true that there are certain ingredients that dogs and cats should never eat, such as garlic, onions, raisins, chocolate, and several others. It’s also true that cooked food, which has been cooked in oil with seasonings in a way that makes it palatable for humans, isn’t healthy for pets. But plain organic foods that have been baked or slow cooked without additional fats and seasonings can be a great part of a healthy diet for pets. Homemade organic pet food is growing as a great supplement to add to your dog or cat’s diet, in addition to their regular dry or wet pet food.

Myth #3: Only vets sell truly healthy pet food.

This is a big misconception. The most important thing when choosing an organic pet food is to look at the ingredients for yourself. Look for meat-first foods that limit grains and fillers. Organic meat products, organic vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats are all an important part of a pet diet. Those can be found in many foods beyond those sold at vets’ offices.

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