Essential Considerations When Comparing VPS Hosting Plans

VPS or virtual private server hosting is an ideal option for businesses that require more resource and greater security and flexibility than is available on a shared hosting plan, but not all the costs and resources offered with through a full dedicated server place.

With VPS hosting plans, there are several different choices to consider. Today, most are cloud-based, which provides flexibility, security, and ease of use for users in any location with internet connected devices and computers. With cloud-based virtual server plans, there are several different factors to keep in mind.

Managed or Unmanaged

Most VPS hosting plans will offer a managed and an unmanaged category of plans. Managed means that the hosting service will address basic and advanced maintenance of the system as well as additional services that allow the website or application to continue to operate seamlessly. This includes upgrades, patches, monitoring and other types of similar options.

With unmanaged plans, the VPS is completely in your control. While the company offering the unmanaged VPS hosting plans will continue to provide customer service and support and maintain the physical server, all aspects of the virtual server are up to your IT team.

Size and Included Features

The monthly price of both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans is very reasonable given the advantages these plans offer. However, there will be a variation between the lowest and highest priced plans with regards to SSD disk capacity, RAM, CPU power as well as bandwidth and the additional features offered.

Taking the time to review plans within a hosting company and between hosting companies is time well spent. This will give a better idea of the options you have to consider before making a commitment to one service provider or another. Make it a point to focus on key factors such as performance, uptime, and customer service as these will be critical in website performance in the short and long term.

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