5 Ways to Lower Your Chances for Workplace Medical Emergencies

No matter where you go in Illinois when people are present, there’s always the chance of a medical emergency happening. That’s why it’s important for employees to have the right kind of CPR training. However, providing some of the best medical training can’t ensure that you avoid medical emergencies, so here are five ways you can lessen your chances.

1. Know the Right Emergency Numbers

Staff with CPR training should have a list of all Illinois emergency numbers. For example, calling 911 can get you in touch with emergency medical services but sometimes having the number of the hospital or emergency response company can be quicker.

2. Get Rid of All Electrical and Shock Hazards

Make sure all temporary lighting and extension cords are put away as soon as you’re done with them. Also, be sure to clearly mark all areas where high voltage hazards exist and make them off limits to everyone without the proper qualifications. Electrical shock can cause the heart to suddenly stop beating,, and when you avoid these issues, you create a safer work environment.

3. Go over Your Accident Prevention Program

Accidents on the job can lead to all kinds of medical emergencies. Have a meeting with your staff to come up with more strategies for improving worker safety.

4. Update CPR Training

It might be time to check and see how many people have training for life threatening emergencies. This could be a good time to offer training to more workers. The classes are not expensive in Illinois, and they can save lives.

5. Get Involved in Employee Health

Do you encourage your people to exercise? Do you have a fitness program or health club membership program? How about stop smoking classes? These things can improve your employees’ health and you may receive insurance discounts too.

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