The Importance of Using Fire Extinguishers for Workplace Fire Prevention

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Safety Equipment Supplies

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For people who own a business, one of the most critical aspects of management is protecting their people and property. Even in small businesses, there are risks that should be planned for in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Commercial Fire Risks

One of the major concerns for businesses is the prevention of workplace fires. Even in non-restaurant food preparation and non-industrial businesses, the risk of fires from a variety of sources can be a concern. From electrical problems to machine malfunctions, neighboring tenants, employee food preparation, and even lightning strikes, there are risks for fires in every type of business. Each year over 60,000 commercial structures catch fire in the United States, and studies show having preventative measures in place saves both people and property from harm.

Business Fire Prevention

There are several things that are essential to fire prevention. Having smoke detectors are the main tool for fire prevention. It is also crucial to have fire extinguishers on hand to help put out smaller fires and reduce potential fire damage. This is when seeking out the best Illinois fire extinguisher supplies can be vital.

Fire extinguishers can be especially helpful for small fires in employee kitchen areas as well as smaller electrical fires. There are several different Illinois fire extinguisher options as well as smoke detectors that can be effective for business usage. Smaller fire extinguishers are usually sufficient for businesses with lower square footage areas.

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