Information About A Safe Hemp Oil Dosage For Dogs

As a natural product that interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the body, CBD or hemp oil helps to limit sensations of pain. It is also helpful in reducing internal inflammation in the body, which further decreases the activity of neurotransmitters, resulting in less pain.

This is true in both the human body as well as for our pets. Dogs and cats can be treated using hemp oil or CBD oil, and pets have the same reduction in pain and inflammation, which gives the pet a better quality of life.

Finding the right hemp oil dosage for dogs is not that much different than finding the proper dosage for a person. Always take the time to read the manufacturer’s recommendations for dosage and start with the lowest recommended dose.

The size of the dog is a factor, with the hemp oil dosage for dogs typically slightly higher for the larger and giant breeds than a toy or medium breed. However, this is not the same as other types of medicine, and the dosage is often not much different based on the effects of the use of CBD oil.

How to Administer to Your Dog

Typically, start with one dropper of CBD oil per morning and evening feeding time. Mix the recommended hemp oil dosage for dogs with food or water, but make sure the dog consumers the oil.

For larger dogs, increase the dosage slowly and over time, noting when the dog is free from pain or is more mobile and active. Stay at this dosage level unless there is a need to increase over time.

For more information on our recommended hemp oil dosage for dogs for the hemp oil dosage for dogs products for pets, see us online.