Upgrading To Dedicated Server Hosting

Most businesses, particularly startup companies and smaller businesses, tend to begin their online presence with a company website on a shared hosting service. This makes sense for many businesses, if they are not primarily an ecommerce site, as it is very cost effective and extremely easy to use.

The next progression for growing businesses is to move to a VPS hosting plan. A virtual private server offers an additional level of physical resources as well as no sharing of the allocated resources on the server. This means your website has 100% of the resources allocated at all times on the server, but there are several “virtual” servers on each physical server.

While this provides all that is required for many businesses, for large online companies and website, upgrading to a dedicated server hosting plan is a must. Knowing when and why to upgrade allows your company to make the change proactively before there are any concerns with the VPS hosting plan.


Once you upgrade to a dedicated server hosting plan, your IT team has full control over all the administrative options for the server. This includes adding layers of security or configuring the server to meet any specific security needs. While some customization of security is possible with VPS plans, it is not possible to change security that affects other virtual hosts on the server.

System Control

In addition to security, with dedicated servers, you control all aspects of the server’s function. With this capability, you can customize any and all aspects of the software as well as set up the server to operate most effectively based on your specific requirements.

Full Resources

With full control over the security, software and the resources of the server, a dedicated server hosting allows you to provide a seamless, efficient and customized end-user experience.

Faster page loads, no shared resources and maximum flexibility and customization make this a good option for large websites and companies.

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