Counting The Advantages Of A Managed Dedicated Server

For a mid to large sized company, and particularly for companies with a national or international presence, the cost of technology is significant. This can include the cost of maintaining in-house server rooms and systems, all which require not only initial purchase, installation, and maintenance but also the cost of repair and replacement.

To avoid all of these costs, many of these companies turn to hosting services offering a managed dedicated server package. There are some significant benefits to consider with this option, including a flat rate monthly fee that allows you to predict what you will spend per month as well as the option to expand and grow when the opportunity presents itself.

Offers a More Complete Solution

With the managed dedicated server option, a company has all the benefits of dedicated in-house servers without any of the downsides. The major downside includes the constant maintenance and monitoring of the servers as well as the need to continually add to the hardware to address the growing needs of the company for data storage, processing, and sharing.

Offers Higher Levels of Security

With a managed dedicated server hosting package from a top company, there is round the clock tech support as well as physical maintenance of the servers. Most businesses don’t offer this and adding the cost of these services to have staff at the location would be cost prohibitive.

This proactive maintenance and upgrading also adds to security. Patches and security fixes or upgrades are completed immediately and seamlessly, adding vulnerabilities as they become known.

Additionally, and this is important to keep in mind, a dedicated server, either managed or unmanaged, is completely isolated from other servers managed by the hosting service. This means no linkage of any kind, ensuring that if a breach does occur there is no way for other dedicated servers in the facility to face the same type of security issue.

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