Don’t Worry about Getting Stumped: Advance Auto Parts in Derby, CT Works with a Mechanic to Cover All Needs!

In many places, auto repair shops and parts stores are in direct competition and try to keep their customers from each other. This is not the case in Derby, Connecticut. There, General Muffler & Auto Supply has both of these operations running under one roof. Such an arrangement is great for consumers, and it’s surprising that more auto and parts shops don’t operate this way.

If you need to have your car fixed, just go to the service side of the business. They specialize in mufflers and brakes, but can handle a wide variety of other needs, including oil changes, installing struts, performing tune-ups, and front end work. This makes it easy for anyone to get a car taken care of. Whether you don’t do any of your own automotive work or you just need to have certified mechanics for certain procedures, you’re all set with an auto shop that has both service and parts.

Those who want to do their own work or simply need peripherals like car wax will find their home over on the parts side of the shop. There, you’ll find a wide selection of equipment from Advance Auto Parts Derby CT. Many commonly-needed parts are ready for you to buy and install. Brakes, mufflers, batteries, motor oil, and similar essentials are in stock. Car wax, chamois, and other detailing necessities are there as well. You can buy the parts and install them yourself, or you can take them next door to have them put in by the mechanics.

This association with Advance Auto Parts Derby CT puts General Muffler above its competitors by finally combining two obvious go-together businesses into one. You won’t have to worry about the mechanic being miffed when you bring in a part when you deal with a combination auto service company like this. You also won’t have to feel bad about not having the mechanics do all of your work for you. They know that it’s typical for people to be able to handle some jobs themselves and need mechanics for others, and they are eager for your business no matter which category your current work falls into.

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