Obtaining Financing to Purchase a Manhattan Condo

When you start shopping around Manhattan for the perfect condo, you’ll notice that the selling price is often out of a range that allows you to purchase the unit outright. New York City real estate is a prime real estate market, and both sellers and buyers are looking for the perfect real estate opportunities. To find a condo in Manhattan for sale at a price that’s below seven figures is near impossible. That’s why many of the buildings create relationships with local lenders to help prospective buyers finance the property and purchase the NYC condo of their dreams.

Working with Approved Lenders

When you locate a condo in Manhattan for sale that you can reasonably finance, it helps to work with approved lenders. These lenders have experience with the building and a relationship with building management. They know what a prospective buyer needs in assets and finances in order to reasonably afford a mortgage on certain units.

Applying for financing for a multi-million dollar condo is similar to applying for financing for a smaller home. You will need to submit the application and prove that you can reasonably pay the monthly mortgage. With the tightening of lender regulations, banks and private lenders are more strict about granting mortgages and loans, so making sure your credit is good and that you have stable finances will help you obtain financing faster.

Out of State Buyers

Many New York residents live out of state part of the year, or even out of the country. You can still obtain financing if you wish to purchase a condo in Manhattan for sale. Many of the most desired buildings will have lenders who know the specifics of the building and can help out of state or foreign buyers purchase a condo. Living in Manhattan is ideal if you work in the city, and some owners just like owning a home away from home when working in the city but living in another area.

Since New York is such a prime real estate market, you know you’re making a wise investment. Even if you don’t keep the condo for long, you will be able to resell it and probably turn a small profit. As New York City continues and grow and living in Manhattan becomes more popular, you can expect the cost of real estate to rise with the demand.

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