The Option of Buying a Used Transmission From a Junk Yard in Cincinnati

Vehicle owners can shop at a dedicated junk yard in Cincinnati for auto parts ranging from small items to the most important components. Some are looking for a side mirror while others are looking for a replacement transmission. A used transmission is the most affordable option for replacing one that has failed. Used transmissions are easier to find for vehicle models that were very popular.

How Used Transmissions Are Acquired

Salvage yards usually acquire their vehicles after they have been in a wreck, or when major components have failed and the body has rusted out. The best bet for a transmission that will last for several more years is a salvage vehicle with relatively low mileage that was junked because the body was severely damaged in a collision. A transmission from an old, rusty vehicle may be in good shape, but it also may have been in operation for more than 200,000 miles.

Longevity Expectations

Consumer experts expect a high level of success when choosing a used transmission as long as the component has less than 100,000 miles. Success would be defined as the transmission lasting at least another two or three years without developing any problems.


People who shop for used transmissions at a junk yard in Cincinnati typically plan to install this component themselves or they know someone who will do the work for a reasonable fee. Automotive repair garages usually will only install new and remanufactured transmissions. Some rebuild the customer’s failed transmission, but having a used one installed can be a less expensive option.

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