Deciding on Options for Roofing Shingles in Frederick, MD

The most common type of roofing material used in Maryland continues to be some form of asphalt shingles. There are many reasons for the popularity of these types of Roofing Shingles in Frederick MD, but the price is generally at the top of the list. However, selecting roofing material based only on price should be avoided. When choosing shingles, there are other factors to consider.

Get the Look You Want

Different shingles produce a variety of looks. Traditional three-tab shingles are the simplest design and the least-expensive choice. Today, laminated shingles designed to stand up better to the region’s weather and look nicer are becoming the materials of choice. While three-tab shingles last fifteen to twenty years, on average, laminated shingles, also called architectural or dimensional shingles, generally last closer to thirty years.

Consider the Costs

As noted earlier, three-tab shingles are the least expensive option to install, but that lower initial cost doesn’t consider the long-term costs involved. In addition to a shorter lifespan, three-tab shingles also require more maintenance than laminated shingles. Those repair costs can quickly mount, and the initial cost difference is often eaten up rapidly. Most roofing professionals today will certainly install three-tab shingles if that’s what the homeowner wants, but they’ll recommend higher-quality options that last longer and need fewer repairs.

Picking Colors and Textures

When selecting Roofing Shingles in Frederick MD, homeowners have numerous color and texture options to choose from. In most cases, the roofing materials should be chosen to match the home’s style, but blending with neighboring properties is also important. In some cases, local regulations or homeowners’ associations may control the types and colors of roofing. It pays to check with local authorities early in the selection process to determine if there are regulations that must be complied with.

Get the Advice You Need

It’s always a good idea to discuss your home’s roofing needs with an expert before making any decisions. Roofing contractors are accustomed to working with clients to determine which roofing products are the best solutions for specific homes. Browse Site for more information or to schedule an appointment with a roofing expert.

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